Data Analytics Career Analysis

Data analytics enable organisations to connect data to detect opportunities. Business intelligence from corporate data management leads to better decisions and efficient operations. Data analytics is the science of analysing data to make informed decisions The massive use of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), social media, drones, house appliances has led to large volumes of data generated every second. This means data is generated is produced as an unprecedented exponential rate. This constant supply and generation of data has resulted in the emergence of big data. The question is, how big is big data?

Job Description and Responsibilities
Data Analytic roles range from:
·     Senior Data Analyst
·     Lead Analyst
·     Associate Data Analyst
·     Data Analyst
·    Principal Analyst
The different disciplines related to data analytics are: ·    Data Science
·    Business Analytics
·    Data Engineering
·    Business Intelligence Analytics

Future Employment Prospects and Earning Potentials
The demand for data analysts is expected to grow much faster than average through the years, and all web-based and Internet positions are expected to be one of the fastest growing industries overall. With the rise in complex technology and sophisticated computer systems there will not be a shortage of attractive database administration careers across almost every industry.

Data Analytics Syllabus

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