BCE Policies

P001a BCE Assessment    |    P001b Examination Regulations   |    P002 Resonable Adjustment & Special Consideration   |    P003 Complaints    |    P004 Appeals    |    P005 Health & Safety   |    P006 Record Management   |    P007 Customer Service    |    P008 Certification    |    P009 Equal Opportunities    |    P010 Centre Assessment    |    P011 Contingency Plan    |    P012 Ethical    |    P013 Conflict of Interests    |    P014 Invoicing    |    P015 Staff Development    |    P016 Financial Management    |    P016a Credit Control    |    P016b Internal Control    |    P016c Budget Control & Review    |    P017 Risk Management    |    P018 Quality Management    |    P019 Verification & Authentication    |    P020 Learning & Assessment Design    |    P021 Assessment Quality Assurance    |    P022 Standardisation    |    P023 Sanctions    |    P024 Recruitment & Selection    |    P025 Annual Programme Review    |    P026 Programme Withdrawal    |    P027 Corporate Social Responsibility    |    P028 Exemption    |    P029 Maladministration & Malpractice    |    P030 Staff Misconduct

BCE Policies

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Assessment Policies & Related Documents

P001a BCE Assessment Policy BCE’s assessment policy is a statement within which the P001b BCE Exam Regulations Business & Computing Examinations (BCE) sets and marks the P002 BCE Reasonable Adjustment The BCE recognise its responsibilities as an awarding body for P003 BCE Complaints Policy Business & Computing Examinations (BCE) is committed to providing a

P004 BCE Appeals Policy The appeals policy applies to all programmes offered by BCE. Candidates will P008 BCE Certification Policy Certification denotes passing a defined course of study. A certificate P022 BCE Standardisation Standardisation is a process to ensure that the assessment P028 BCE Exemption Policy The aim of the policy is to provide a route for the recognition of

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Centre Management Policies & Related Documents

P005 BCE Health & Safety At Business & Computing Examinations (BCE) we are committed to giving P010 BCE Centre Assessment Assessment is the means by which the progress of P014 BCE Invoicing Policy Charges for BCE Programmes. This policy outlines the P019 BCE Verification & Authentication Verification is a simple and quick process that

P020 BCE Learning & Assessment Design The BCE Learning and Assessment Design Policy defines the P021 BCE Assessment Quality Assurance This document describes how candidate achievements are assessed and P023 BCE Sanctions BCE uses sanctions and penalties to deliver BCE P025 BCE Annual Programme Review The purpose of Annual Programme Review is to evaluate:

P026 BCE Programme Withdrawal BCE is committed to complete transparency with regard to Units or P029 BCE Maldministration & Malpractice All BCE staff and staff working at BCE approved centres are expected to

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BCE Internal Policies & Related Documents

P006 BCE Record Management In drawing up a policy statement in the area of record keeping, BCE aims to ensure that teaching and learning of the highest P007 BCE Customer Service If you are going to succeed with Business & Computing P009 BCE Equal Opportunity BCE recognises that it is essential to provide equal P011 BCE Contingency Plan The Contingency Plan Policy is the standard operating guideline for BCE which

P012 BCE Ethical Policy BCE is committed to a policy of ethical conduct in accordance with our mission. It is our aim P013 BCE Conflict of Interest It is our policy that employees and others acting on P015 BCE Staff Development The purpose of staff development policy is to promote a P017 BCE Risk Management The UK regulatory agencies state that the use of effective risk

P016 BCE Financial Management The Chief Executive has a responsibility to establish and maintain an appropriate P016a BCE Credit Control Key aims of the Accounts Receivable Policy P016b BCE Internal Control The main aim of the Internal Control Policy is: • To ensure that P016c BCE Budget The Chief Executive has a responsibility to establish and maintain an

P018 BCE Quality Management Quality, in relation to the educational sector, relates to how well we increase the 24 BCE Recruitment Policy This Recruitment Policy has been updated in P027 BCE Corporate Social Responsibility BCE is committed to sustainable value-creation for our P030 BCE Staff Misconduct This policy defines acts of misconduct and serious misconduct and outlines

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