Database Management Career Analysis

Database programs offer candidates a chance to pursue a career in the theoretical and practical aspects of database development process. The field of database has grown considerably with the advances in technology and the internet, and many database engineers are involved with implementation of new databases, and staying ahead of market trends.

What Is Database Administration?

Database management systems (or DBMSs) can be divided into two categories -- desktop databases and server databases. Generally speaking, desktop databases are oriented toward single-user applications and reside on standard personal computers (hence the term desktop, for example, Access). Server databases contain mechanisms to ensure the reliability and consistency of data and are geared toward multi-user applications, e.g. Oracle

Job Description and Responsibilities
A database administrator is often responsible for:
·    Developing and designing communications systems
·    Developing databases and networks
·    Maintaining system stability
·    Implementing new user interfaces and database systems
·    Designing programming tools or knowledge-based systems
·    Implementing Information Systems
·    Network Security and Administration
·    Designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system
·    Establishing policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance, and use of the database management system
·    Training employees in database management and use.

Future Employment Prospects and Earning Potentials
The field of database administration is the largest sector and many firms employ programme holders starting at junior database administrators. The disaster recovery services and software installation divisions are growing, along with the World Wide Web and internet-related industries. The government, universities, and manufacturers of computer products are additional sectors of the economy that have created a demand for skilled database professionals.

The demand for database administrators is expected to grow much faster than average through the years, and all web-based and Internet positions are expected to be one of the fastest growing industries overall. With the rise in complex technology and sophisticated computer systems there will not be a shortage of attractive database administration careers across almost every industry.

The average salary for junior administrators is £40,000. Related occupations include:
·    Managing databases
·    Oracle Database Administrators
·    SQL Database Administrations
·    Database Analysts
·    Database Design Analysts
·    Database Developers
·    Systems Database Specialists
·    Database Support Analysts
·    Analysts/Programmers

Database Management Syllabus

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