Graphic Design Career Analysis

Graphic design candidates create visually captivating solutions to effectively convey information. The creative output of graphic designers can be seen all around us, from newspapers to television to the internet.

Job Description and Responsibilities
Holders of graphic design programme are expected to generate and execute design concepts that encapsulate information in a visually appealing manner. Some responsibilities include:
·    Identifying the needs of clients
·    Assessing the target audience of clients
·    Thoroughly researching the subject matter
·    Sourcing of images and typefaces
·    Preparing sketches by choosing fonts, colors, shapes, images, text, sounds, and other visual elements
·    Usage of computer software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and QuarkXPress
·    Presentation of final designs to clients

Graphic design is extensively used and we see examples of its application in many ways, some of which include the design of:
·    Logos
·    Posters
·    Brochures
·    Television and print advertisements
·    Magazines
·    Business cards
·    Presentations
·    Electronic marketing material

Graphic design candidates require creativity, tenacity and flexibility. A flair for art and design is essential. In addition, one must be willing to work long hours, meet tight deadlines and be flexible so as to easily adapt to the changing needs of clients. Having a broad knowledge base and keeping up with current trends are also important attributes that will aid candidates to excel in their careers.

Career Options
After completing the course, candidates will have a number of career options that include working at advertising agencies, publishing houses, design studios, and corporate marketing and communications departments. Some possible career paths include:
·    Creative director / Art director
·    Multimedia designer
·    Web designer
·    Flash designer
·    Photoshop artist
·    Logo designer
·    Layout artist
·    Prepress technician

Whilst the greater percentage of graphic designers work as salaried employees, roughly 3 out of 10 designers are self employed.

Graphic Design Earning Potential and Employment Prospects
The average yearly income for a graphic designer is £37,030 (if not more). With greater job responsibilities, graphic designers can earn more. The graphic design industry is a promising one. Information published by the UK government reveals that the field of graphic design will grow faster than the national average for all occupations for the foreseeable future. The job market also looks promising as the boom in entertainment and media has sparked a need for graphic designers. Those skilled in website design and animation can look forward to a wide scope of jobs from which to choose.

Graphic Design Syllabus