Travel & Tourism Career Analysis

As the travel, leisure, and tourism industry continues to grow, the demand for professional managers and service workers is also expected to rise. Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Job opportunities in hospitality management require at least an Advanced Diploma in hospitality management, as this can further enhance an employees skills and professional development. Resorts and hotels in particular offer many options for those with a hospitality programme. Jobs in this field can be stressful and fast-paced; they require quick problem-solving skills and a strong background in customer service.

The travel, resort, leisure, and tourism industry is expected to grow as more people enjoy trips with increases in their disposable income. Hotel and resort businesses are in a competitive industry, and setting higher standards creates a demand for skilled professionals with formal hospitality management training. Jobs in this field are generally fast-paced and require a strong background in customer service. Large hotel and motel chains offer the most opportunities for advancement, and may also have their own formal hospitality management training programs. Employment in this field is expected to grow faster than average.

Candidates can choose a position in the areas of travel, leisure, tourism, and management. Almost all positions focus on the high levels of customer service, along with adhering to company or corporate guidelines.
• Working with the general public
• Establishing clientele
• Marketing and sales
• High levels of customer interaction
• Accommodating guests
• Understanding basic accounting
• Training staff members
• Hiring and recruiting
• Having strong problem-solving skills

Each year, millions of people travel by plane, train, ship, bus, and cars. Many of these travelers rely on the services of reservation and transportation ticket agents and travel clerks. Agents and clerks perform functions as varied as selling tickets, confirming reservations, checking baggage, and providing useful travel information. Most reservation agents work for airlines or large hotel chains, helping people plan trips and make reservations. They usually work in reservation call centers, answering telephone or e-mail inquiries and offering travel arrangement suggestions and information such as routes, schedules, fares, and types of accommodations. They also change or confirm transportation and lodging reservations. Most agents use their own company’s reservation system to obtain information needed to make, change, or cancel traveler reservations.

Transportation ticket agents are sometimes known as passenger service agents, passenger booking clerks, reservation clerks, airport service agents, ticket clerks, or ticket sellers. They work in airports, train stations, and bus stations, selling tickets, assigning seats to passengers, and checking baggage. In addition, they may answer inquiries and give directions, examine passports and visas, or check in pets. They may be required to assist customers who have trouble operating self-service ticketing machines or kiosks. Other ticket agents, more commonly known as gate or station agents, work in airport terminals, assisting passengers boarding airplanes. These workers direct passengers to the correct boarding area, check tickets and seat assignments, make boarding announcements, and provide special assistance to young, elderly, or disabled passengers.

Travel clerks provide travelers information on points of interest, restaurants, overnight accommodations, and availability of emergency services. In some cases, they make rental car, hotel, and restaurant reservations. Clerks also may provide assistance in filling out travel documents and answer other travel-related questions.

Travel & Tourism Career Options
• Reservations Specialist
• Operations Manager
• Reservations Consultant
• Airline Tour Operator
• Cruise Reservations
• Business Travel Consultant
• Trainee Travel Consultant
• Ticketing Coordinator
• Business Travel Development Manager
• Travel Agent

Travel & Tourism Syllabus