Business & Computing Examinations

BCE Qualfication Development

Statement of Equity | Syllabus Development Process | Principles for Assessment Guidelines | Qualification & Performance Standards Criteria | BCE Standards | Aggregation of Qualification Results | Qualification Strategy | Assessment Strategy

Statement of Equity
BCE documents which provide guidelines to writers/designers of syllabus, support and assessment materials.
Syllabus Development Process
BCE syllabus development process opportunities for consultation achievable timelines for: syllabus review, drafting development, syllabus development and implementation phases.

Principles for Assessment Guidelines
A set of guiding principles developed to assist BCE syllabus writers in developing appropriate assessment guidelines and examination specifications.
Qualification & Performance Specification Criteria
BCE document specification intended to provide qualification and performance criteria requirements for BCE Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Qualifications.

BCE Standards
BCE document used for key purposes, including to: assist candidates learning; provide information on candidate learning and progress in a course in relation to the curriculum outcomes.
Aggregation of Qualification Results
BCE document specifying Rules of Combination, grading system, exemption and other important assessment information.

BCE Qualification Strategy
This document outlines the qualifications needed in ICT, Business and Hospitality and the differences they make to learners. The qualification strategy (i) help employers understand what standards, learning opportunities and qualifications
BCE Assessment Strategy
BCE Assessment strategy outlines the importance of (i) reliability (that the assessment task can be applied consistently to all learners undertaking assessments and that different markers will reach the same conclusions about the performance of a