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Internet Security - Programme Summary

Please note: There is coursework/project for each unit. The final coursework mark is the average of the combined coursework, hence if the average is below the pass mark, candidates will have to re-sit all coursework for that particular course. Coursework is to be submitted in electronic form – on Flash disk etc.

Internet Security Programme Analysis | Internet Security career options

Level 5 Diploma in Internet Security (615) 171 Credits

  • Paper 1 Cloud Computing
  • Paper 2 Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Paper 3 Digital / Social Media Marketing
  • Paper 4 Cyber Security
  • Paper 5 Ethical Hacker
  • Paper 6 Project (all coursework combined)
Total written exam papers: 5            Total number of coursework: 5

Diploma in Internet Security Syllabus including recommeded learning hours, unit course description, framework level, assessment method and learning resources.

Download Internet Security Syllabus
Cloud Computing | Internet of Things (IoT) | Digital / Social Media Marketing | Cyber Security | Ethical Hacker

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